Attaboy in Budapest

As we grow older, our appreciation of quality food grows too. Take burgers for example; when we were young, we liked McDonalds. Then we grew into a teenager, we discovered Burger King. Then we grew into an adult and we appreciate gourmet food. As a food blogger and a professional photographer, TASTE, PRESENTATION and QUALITY are all very important to me. Food cannot be enjoyed fully without one or another. There is a place in Budapest that delivers all three – Attaboy.

Opened in December 2012, Attaboy is a takeaway only burger and pizza place located at 9th district, Erkel Utca 3 in Budapest.

“Attaboy is an expression that is used very rarely now in everyday English, but you can still find it in literature. It comes from the expression ‘That’s a boy’ which was used when someone did good job. Our aim is to do good job, as well, so we use only good quality ingredients in order to make you excellent quality food and eager on bringing to you warm in time. Attaboy puts an emphasis on the freshness of their ingredients. We have a bakery partner who provides the rolls every morning. We don’t use frozen ingredients and for our pizzas, we use authentic Italian ingredients including the flour. It’s important that our burgers and pizzas be delicious and stodgy but not too heavy. On our menu you can find classic burgers and some burgers according to peculiar Attaboy recipes.”

How many time have you chosen which restaurant to eat in, or what to eat, based on their photographs? As a professional photographer, I always emphasise to business owners how extremely important good photography is for business.

The owner of Attaboy understands this point. Take a look at their web-site ( The first thing you see is an image of a delicious-looking burger which looks fresh and tasty. You can forgive your mouth for starting to drool; you can only begin to imagine the aroma and taste.  Their menu has images showing each and every one of their meals available. Even if I cannot read Hungarian, I can still understand what food to expect.

Taste and Quality
Of course, one cannot write knowledgeably without having tasted the food. Attaboy invited me to try out their menu. I ordered a ‘Small Town Burger Sandwich’ (Pannonia cheese, fried egg, double bacon, tomato slices, blue and spicy sour cream in homemade butter toasted bun), with a side order onion rings and a ‘Prosciutto Pizza’ (Homemade pizza sauce, parma ham and mozzarella cheese).


attaboy_tastybuddy_06The delivery man delivered my order on time and the food was still nice and warm upon arrival. The burger and the onion rings were packed in white polystyrene boxes and delivered in a paper bag as you can see in my photo. The pizza came in a standard pizza box with their pretty blue and red logo on the top. And whoever boxed my pizza drew a nice smiley face on the side. It’s little touch like that which makes a business stand out from all the others and yet it doesn’t really cost anything extra.

The pizza smells gorgeous and looked good. Although it didn’t look exactly the same as shown on their web-site; in terms of taste, it was fantastic. The homemade pizza sauce was very tasty with the perfect fusion of basil and tomato. The parma ham slices were juicy and went perfectly with the mozzarella cheese. The whole pizza tasted like an authentic Italian pizza. It would do any Italian pizzeria proud.

As for the burger, you can clearly see that Attaboy does not skimp on their burger fillings: fresh and thick slices of tomato, two large slices of bacon, together with a nice round fried egg and a juicy beef burger that was made with 100% beef. When I picked up the burger from the box, the base was not soggy which was fantastic. (Too often I find takeaway burgers have soggy bases and everything tends to fall apart when I try to eat.)

attaboy_tastybuddy_05The burger tasted great. The juicy tomato slices and the salty bacon merged beautifully with the soft fried egg and the tender beef burger. And the spicy sour cream just jazzed up the taste even more.

As for the onion rings, they were golden brown in color and they were crispy and crunchy. It was a perfect side dish for my burger and my pizza.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my meal. The quality of the food was fantastic –  like you would expect when you order room service in a luxury five star hotel. It was scrumptiously tasty, it was filling and the price was perfectly reasonable.

Verdict: If you are looking for that authentic Italian pizza taste and a good quality burger, I would highly recommend you order from Attaboy. Would I order from Attaboy again? Oh yes! Most definitely…:)…Make sure to try Attaboy in Budapest for your next pizza order. 

Address: 9th district, Erkel Utca 3. (Takeaway service ONLY)
Opening Hours: Every day from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
Contact Numbers: +36 1 232 4002/ +36 30 484 4400
Contact E-mail: [email protected]

Conditions: Minimum order value: 950 HUF.