Panda Kínai Büfé on Márvány Utca Budapest

Every now and then while we are out and about in the city, we fancy some fast food. In Budapest, Gyros (Kebab), McDonald, Burger King, langos and Kínai Büfé (Chinese takeaway) are everywhere. Chinese takeaway in particular can be found in almost every street due to the high population of Chinese people living in Hungary.

Chinese takeaway are called Kínai Büfé in Hungarian, which translate directly as Chinese Buffet. Buffet normally refer as ‘All You Can Eat’, but in Hungary it doesn’t mean the same. It’s more like ‘Pick n Mixed’ and you paid the total amount at the end depending on what you’ve picked.

In most Kínai Büfé, you can have a meal for as low as 500 forint (~EUR 1.60) not including drink and the portion is pretty decent. Most Kínai Büfé served pretty much similar kind of food like fried rice, fried noodles, deep fried chicken balls with sweet and chili sauce, beef and vegetable, chicken with vegetable…etc. Generally, there are a great number of selections to choose from.

I have eaten in quite a few different Kínai Büfé in Budapest and generally I find them very tasty. Although often they can be slightly salty as it is their way to make you buy their drink, which is how most restaurants make their money. And in Budapest, most Kínai Büfé looks similar too.


Photography by Sean Scott

Panda Kínai Büfé on Márvány Utca Budapest is a Kínai Büfé with a different. From the outside, it looks similar to any other Kínai Büfé. But the inside is modern, trendy, comfortable, clean and bright. Creamy color wall and bright orange chairs with shiny silver legs, contrast with dark wooden table with shinny silver edges. The walls are decorated with bright orange and dark wooden panels. The restaurant is lite up by many spots lights along the side of the ceiling.


Photography by Sean Scott

The restaurant is run by a small Chinese family whom opened Panda étterem 10 years ago. Eating in their restaurant feels like you have traveled to China. The television on the wall was playing Chinese TV program and there was Chinese music playing in the background. Often you can hear them talking Chinese in the kitchen.

Panda étterem also provide free Wi-Fi, which is great if you need the internet.

While I was having my meal there, I  saw a lot of people who came in to buy takeaway, in particular students. Also a few body-builders from the Flex Gym across the road as well as some older people.

Verdict: Clean, modern and comfortable.

Credit: Photography supplied courtesy of Sean Scott

Address: Márvány Utca 36, Budapest 1126